Coffee Over Suicide - End of the Year Music Spectacular

December 21, 2018
This is the last episode of 2018!
This past season has been incredible and to cap it off I thought it would be really great to showcase some of the amazing musicians I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to on this here podcast. This runs the gauntlet from metal, to punk to pop! Everyone is dealing with something, and everyone uses a different kind of music to do it. This is really eclectic. We’ve got some rare or otherwise unreleased stuff from The Hunger Artist, Spells and even live acoustic stuff recorded during the show and it all caps off with a new release Christmas song by FI!
Stick THAT in your stocking, you lucky so-and-so!
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Pure Imagination - The Hollow - (Spencer Townshend Hughes)
Coffee Over Suicide Theme (followed by incessant yammering)- Christopher Parker Howard
Numb* - Sean DeCrescenzo (of Decatur - Band, Riches)
Happy Again* and Stay* - Will Hayden (of Television Generation)
The Game - Rotten Reputation (LolaCola)
Pissky - Sliver (Chris Mercer)
Lucky* and Randi* - Alexander Bjorn Vargas (of Alexander and The Big Sleep)
No Bother - The Hunger Artist(Travis Moor)
I saw You* - Emma Dawn (Of Fat Stallion)
Not Whole Demo - Chris Rybitski
Changeling (Demo) - Chris Parker Howard
Livin’ in My Head - SPELLS (Ben Roy)
Suicide Outro (followed by incessant yammering) - Cakers
Champagne Christmas - Miles David (Fi)
*Recorded LIVE during the podcast

Coffee Over Suicide #24 - Chris Mercer (Sliver)

December 14, 2018

Today on the show, Musician Chris Mercer of the band SLIVER talks openly about his struggles with mental illness, heroin addiction and the role it played in his eventual homelessness.  We talk about what it was like to grow up in DC with a speech impediment, music, and his passion for bringing awareness to youth homelessness and the struggles that go with that. 

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Coffee Over Suicide #23 - Rachel Caudill (Resistance is Tactile)

December 7, 2018

Rachel Caudill and I have an in depth conversation about our mutual appreciation of art, the tendency to overthink things and overcoming suicidal ideation. We also get into what we learned from seeing multiple therapists, PTSD and learning to love yourself after trauma. 


I have to warn you that this episode might be triggering if you are sensitive to the subject of sexual assault or suicidal behavior. That said, we do manage to walk each other back into the light of hope for the future by the end of the conversation.


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Coffee Over Suicide #22 - Emma Dawn (Fat Stallion)

November 30, 2018

Fat Stallion is not a typical band, so it should come as no surprise that Emma Dawn is not a typical person. We have a great conversation about what its like to grow up in a musical family, as well as finding some clarity and joy while navigating depression and identity. Its a great mountain of a conversation full of laughter and melancholy that all wraps up with a beautiful song!

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Coffee Over Suicide #21 - Katy Johnson (Television Generation)

November 23, 2018

Saipan isn't known for producing artists. Which is probably why Todays guest Katy Johnson came to Colorado. We have a really great conversation about music, art, finding yourself and coming to terms with not having all the answers. We also delve pretty heavily into what it's like to struggle with anxiety, depression and alcohol.

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TURKEY Over Suicide - Thanksgiving special! (FIXED)

November 22, 2018

Turkey over Suicide - A holiday Episode!

In this special episode of the show, previous Guests Tim Rooney and Jill Tarnoff, drop by for a conversation about the past years challenges, tools and experiences that worked (or not) and of course, what we are most thankful for. Pass the cranberry sauce and enjoy this perfectly-portioned -vegan-friendly-gluten-free Thanksgiving themed episode of a show!

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Coffee Over Suicide #20 - Tiffany Armstrong (Shattered Halo, Two Minutes Darker)

November 16, 2018
Tiffany Armstrong is controlled chaos personified. We get into some pretty heavy things right out of the gate, like dealing with death at 5 years old, shifting parental figures and overcoming the urge to self destruct through art. As harsh as that sounds, we have some genuine laughs along the way. 
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Two Minutes Darker

Coffee Over Suicide #19 - Lola Marie (Rotten Reputation)

November 9, 2018
Lola Marie is the front woman for the Denver based Fem Punk band ROTTEN REPUTATION ... or maybe she isn't. We get into that in detail plus music, witches, overcoming trauma and the difficulty in making peace with the people who hurt you.
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Coffee Over Suicide #18 - Alexander Bjorn Vargas (Alexander and the Big Sleep)

November 2, 2018
Alexander Bjorn Vargas is a walking dichotomy. He's a half Norwegian, half Mexican, tough as nails Buddhist that sings beautiful melodies over heavy guitars. We talk about all of that (AND MORE!) before wrapping it all up with not one, but 2 acoustic performances of never before released songs!

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 — with Alexander and The Big Sleep.

Coffee Over Suicide - Halloween MINI-SODE

October 31, 2018

This fun size episode was recorded LIVE at the BUG theater in Denver on 10/29.